• Memories from Happy Graduates

    graduation ceremony class of 2021 grade 7

  • Yemeni Schools - Modern School Building Infrastructures

    Yemeni Schools - Modern School Building Infrastructures

  • First Aid Dispensary

    First Aid Dispensary

  • Entertainment for Nursery School kids

    Entertainment for Nursery School kids

  • Reliable Transports covering most areas of the city

    Reliable Transports covering most areas of the city

  • Science experiments in modern well-equiped laboratories

    Science experiments in modern well-equiped laboratories

  • Career Counseling and Career Guidance provided by experts

    Career Counseling and Career Guidance provided by experts

  • Self initiative learning approach

    Self initiative learning approach

Welcome to Yemeni Schools

Our aim is to provide our students with a well-rounded education which allows them to discover and nurture their creativity as well as to develop into independent critical thinkers with a love for lifelong learning.

Yemeni Schools are always upgrading the facilities to meet the needs of our children. We strive to provide them the best tools that we can. Each school is fully equipped with the necessities for learning such as computer laboratory, science laboratory, and a well stocked library with a wide range of books. Up-to-date materials and resources, playing grounds and prayer rooms are also made available to them.

We are proud of our consistency in upgrading our facilities to provide an effective learning and motivational environment for our students.

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Nursery School

Our students learn English, Maths, Science, Art/Craft, Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic History taught by well qualified and experienced teachers.

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Primary School

We are committed to providing a learning environment where every child is guided and encouraged to become an independent learner.

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Secondary School

We consider education as a true investment which in turn shall bring about lucrative profit socially, culturally and economically.

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Advanced Secondary School

We aim to turn our students into effective, disciplined and competent citizens that are fit for the modern era.

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Our Latest Events

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

Career Counseling and Guidance

Career Counseling and Guidance

Sports and Games

Sports and Games

Talent Show

Talent Show

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Welcome to Yemeni Schools, quality education is a true investment for your child's future.


Zohaid Hasham

"Our school has convenient environment for one to obtain knowledge. It has sufficient learning materials to help students gain knowledge. It also prepares us to face competitive exams. Our School has helped in gaining knowledge about Islam and teaches us more about it in a wide coverage."
Zohaid Hasham, Form 3 Student (2020).

Khalifa Said

"The Staff at Yemen Schools emphasizes Discipline and Excellent care. We were raised in a proper upbringing. To me, Yemen is like a family in which goals are achieved and dreams are made true. The school environment was so supportive, calm and keen for concentrations. Yemen is even better in parental involvement."
Khalifa Said, Form Six Graduate (2019).

"Our School has the best transportation system provided for students living in various locations. It also has the best advanced teachers to help teach and solve problems in a hurry. It also has large classrooms with well ventilation system and library filled with different varieties of books for our own good."
Rustam Tajdin, Form 1 Student (2020)

"To me Yemen School is a place where I began my journey as a student and as a child. Yemen School has good students and kind hearted teachers. As for the students they have all they want for studying purposes. It also has good teachers who are more understandable and much more like parents to students."
Najma Khalfan, Form 3 Student (2020)

"Yemen schools, are the best schools in Dar es salaam full of educational facilities, it's the place where students can get what they deserve which will benefit their future in educational affairs, we make your dream come true."
Kulwa Yassin, IT Staff

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